About me

              I often refer to myself as a Starving Artist For Hire. I do a little bit of everything! Cosplay, art, streaming, makeup, and most importantly charity work. I'm your standard Fem Nerd who grew up with comics and video games since before I could walk and look for every opportunity to give back to the community.

Charity Work

              I do charity work in a lot of different ways and most important to me is being a positive force for young geeks and nerds to help them feel comfortable being who they are and encouraging people to be excellent to one another. I do a lot of this through Causeplayers  which is a local group I helped found of cosplayers who go out in costume as do hospital visits, charity walks, and all kinds of other events to make children smile and teach them good habits. I also do a lot of charity drives on my Twitch channel in and out of cosplay to help support wonderful organizations that are near and dear to my heart.